DEVAUX & M. CHAPOUTIER "Stenope" 2010 - Magnum 1.5L

Wine Region: Champagne - France

Grape: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay

Tasting notes:A fine nose with the scent of hazelnut, covered in subtle aromas of vanilla and toasted bread, followed by dried apricots, chocolate and sugared almonds.A crisp taste with hints of lemon zest and white fruit.A long, invigorating and slightly salty finish.

About the Winery:
It all began with a meeting between Champagne and the Rhone Valley, around shared values of open-mindedness and respect fro terroir. This encounter gave birth to a daring idea of creating a Champagne that is both rare and full of character : one that would portray the most trustworthy image of a single and unique year. This vision capturing the very best portrait of a season is the inspiration behind the name Stenope.