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M. CHAPOUTIER Saint-Joseph "Les Granits" 2018

Wine Region: Rhone Valley - France

Grape: Marsanne

Tasting notes: In appearance the wine is golden yellow. The nose is mineral with floral overtones of honeysuckle and lily in its youth, Tabasco, wax, honey. On the palate it's well-balanced. A very harmonious wine with a subtle final of spices developing into honey with ageing.

About the Winery:
Maison Chapoutier has been producing wine for 200 years. Originally based in Tain-l'Hermitage, they built their international reputation on their iconic wines from Hermitage. A House that cultivates its vines in the greatest respect of the natural balances and terroirs, since 1808. Humility, Respect, Audacity, Conviviality and Generosity are the words that best characterize Maison M.Chapoutier.
Michel Chapoutier is a seventh-generation Chapoutier winemaker, having acquired the family estate in 1990. He earned a reputation for producing wines that are highly representative of where they are grown, true "snapshots of the terroir".