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CLOS VENTURI "IP" 2019 (White)

Wine Region: Corsica - France

Grape: Vermentinu

Tasting notes: The IP cuvée (IP for Invechjamentu Prolungatu prolonged ageing) is a Vermentinu for laying down and reaching aromatic maturity. The ageing allowed to patinate the exuberance of youth to leave more room for the mineral dimension. This Vermentinu seduces with its complexity with notes of wax, honey, fresh herbs and verbena. Definitely a wine for long ageing.

About the winery:
The vineyard at the origin of Clos Venturi was planted in 1901 by Jean Vico. In 1987, the Acquaviva-Venturi family took over the estate, which has been running it ever since.

The Clos Venturi vineyard covers 31 hectares (15 hectares in red and 16 hectares in white). Its original location makes it the furthest Corsican terroir from the sea and one of the highest. The vineyard, placed on a geological fault, is made up of many soils.