Domaine DUBOIS Nuits Saint Georges 1er Cru "Les Porets St Georges" 2017

Wine Region: Burgundy - France

Grape: Pinot Noir

Tasting notes: It has a very expressive bouquet of cherries, strawberries, and herbal notes with a beautiful concentration on the palate, plush tannins, and bright lifting acidity on the back end.

About the Winery:
Louis Dubois (1874 - 1947) became the owner of his first parcel of vines in 1898, then developed the estate with 2 hectares of vines in the villages of Premeaux-Prissey and Nuits-Saint-Georges. Robert (1910 - 2004), his son, dedicates his life to the vineyards of the estate and continues to expand the area by acquiring his first parcel of Nuits 1er Cru in 1961. Regis Dubois (1943), takes over the torch with his wife Christiane and extends the farm from 4 to 10 hectares, up to 20 hectares. He began to value the wines by putting the production in a bottle, as of 1969. Since 2006, the operation is managed by Raphael and Beatrice Dubois. Raphael develops the marketing of the wines of the domain and the public relations with the outside world. Beatrice, oenologist, is passionate about wine.