Domaine LECHENEAUT Nuits-Saint-Georges 2016

Wine Region: Burgundy - France

Grape: Pinot Noir

Tasting Notes: With a purple tint, intense and sometimes veering to mauve, the aromas often evoke rose and licorice.
Macerated fruity notes complete the bouquet. Vigorous and robust, it has body and character with a balanced and framed structure. Long lasting on the palate, it can be fully enjoyed after several years of ageing; maturity brings a sultry and elegant roundness.

About the Winery:
The House of Lecheneaut is implanted in Nuits-Saint-Georges where it holds a prestigious position in the heart of the Burgundy terroir. It flourishes on ten hectares of vineyards scattered among eighteen glorious appellations from Cote de Nuits, which bestows its rich intensity and uniqueness.
Fifty to sixty thousand bottles of renowned nectar are released each year from its winery, sent off to conquer the international markets.