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Domaine NICOLAS ROSSIGNOL Volnay 1er Cru "Santenots" 2008 (7 years ageing)

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Wine Region: Burgundy - France


Grape: Pinot Noir


Tasting notes: "Ripe cherry and plum mingled with soy, fruit pits, and chalk inform a firm palate and although the fairly stiff finishing tannins are no doubt exacerbated by the wine’s unfinished state, I strongly suspect that they are to some extent there to stay, as a legacy of hail. Still, this exhibits such sheer stamina and grip that one can’t help but be impressed." - David Schildknecht, The Wine Advocate


About the winery:

Part of the fifth generation, Nicolas joined the family estate in 1994. After a few experiences in the four corners of France and South Africa, he created his own Domaine in 1997. Today, both Domaines are merged, representing 17 hectares and more than thirty appellations. Nicolas believes that the future of wine lies in innovation rather than sticking to the rules of the past. The vineyard is managed sustainably and also takes into account the lunar influence both for the work of the vine and for the development and ageing of the wines.


Expert Rating:

Wine Advocate: 91/100