FRANCOIS VILLARD Saint-Joseph "Reflet" 2008

Wine Region: Rhone Valley - France

Grape: Syrah

Tasting notes: This top-of-the-range Cuvee from Saint-Joseph is a true "Reflet" (reflection) of the talent of Francois Villard. This wine is svelte, firm and full of personality, where notes of white pepper, raspberry, cedar and spices work wonders.

About the winery:
A cook by training, François Villard developed a passion for wine at the age of 20. Not knowing how to enter the world of wine, he completed a year of Professional Certificate in sommelier at Tain l'Hermitage. The meetings were decisive and gave him the desire to become a winegrower.
At François Villard, the harvest is concentrated and late, reaching a perfect maturity (but never overripeness) and making its Cote-Rotie and Saint-Joseph among the best in the area.