GEORGES LAVAL Champagne "Les Chenes Blancs" 2013

Wine Region: Champagne - France

Grape: Chardonnay

Tasting notes: In the glass, the wine is pale gold, fine, and numerous bubbles. The nose is fine fruity and floral aromas. And the mouth soft attack, broad, with floral notes and sweet, good persistence.

About the winery:
Since 1971, the company has always focused on producing organic champagne. They adopted organic principles before the term "organic" really existed. In the case of this producer, the aim was always to ensure that their wine offered the best possible representation of their land. Introducing man-made elements into their production would dilute their wines. The company has always reveled in a certain mystique that sets it apart from the many other producers in its region. Located in Cumieres, the gorgeous estate is a lot smaller than you may have expected. In fact, it's completely possible to drive through the village of Cumieres without even knowing that one of the world's best champagnes gets produced there.