GLEN GRANT 1955 Single Cask G&M

Overflowing with energy and remarkable in its saltiness and freshness, this Glen Grant 1955 60-year-old is packed full with an abundance of ripe fruit and precious spices. Its backbone is formed of tannins so silky they give you goosebumps. Simply beautiful in its classic appeal, it is both similar to and different from the Glen Grant 1955 in our 2015 Collection. More cousins than they are blood brothers, they share a childlike spirit.

Single Cask #854 - First Fill Sherry Hogshead Limited edition of 113 bottles – LMDW world exclusive Profile: complex and rich. Roasted (coffee, tea) and spiced (saffron, cumin, turmeric). Refreshed by the juice of numerous fruits (blackberry, blueberry, peach, apricot and even mango).

This independent bottler is without a doubt one of the most highly acclaimed in Scotland. It stands out, not for its age (though it is the oldest independent bottler in Scotland), but for its complete mastery of cask ageing. Gordon & MacPhail is the only bottler to have its own casks - carefully chosen for the purpose - filled by the distilleries themselves, instead of simply buying the ones suggested to them by the latter. This allows it to determine, in advance and with great precision, exactly how many years a whisky will need to reach ideal maturation.