JACQUESSON Champagne "Avize Degorgement Tardif" 2000

Wine Region: Champagne - France

Grape: Chardonnay

Tasting notes: Jacquesson's late-disgorged vintage Cuvees are kept for over 15 years sur lattes (on their sides). The result is an exceptional champagne, now at its peak, with tertiary aromas of walnuts and yellow fruit.

About the winery:
The Maison has had the name of its founder since 1978. The Jacquesson Champagne was Napoleon's favorite and in 1810 the Emperor gave the Maison one of the most significant acknowledgments of that time, a gold medal for the beauty and richness of the caves. Today the Maison Jacquesson & Fils is proud to follow the path traced by its glorious founders and concentrates its efforts in an annual production of 350,000 bottles, with non-industrial methods, obtaining the higher quality standards ever. Grapes come mainly from owned vineyards (28hectares), 11 which are located in Cote de Blancs, in Avize. A rigorous vinification, followed by an excellent aging, lead to Vintage Cuvees, sold not according to their chronological order but their maturity. A low dosage preserves the fineness and pureness of the wine.