M. CHAPOUTIER Tres Vieux Marc de Bourgogne

Wine Region: Burgundy - France

Grape: Spirit

Tasting notes: The Tres Vieux Marc de Bourgogne Trenel is a beautiful yellow-amber in colour. Its nose is fruity and complex, mingling aromas of orange peel and raspberries with notes of polished wood and pine resin. The maturing in vats gives it characteristic smoked, vanilla and toffee aromas. In the mouth, it is round and pleasant. The long ageing has melted the sensation of alcohol.

About the winery:
Founded in 1928 by Claude Henri Trenel, the house was developed bu Andre Trenel and his friend Jules Chauvet until 1988. It subsequently passed to his nephew Bruno Chambe, followed by Herve de Boissieu then Gilles Meimoun. Since 2O15 the Maison Trenel has been managed by Mr Chapoutier, another great connoisseur of wines as well as our liqueurs. Trenel's renown is due to both its high standards in selecting wines, choosing only those which reflect our region's finest Terroirs, and to its artisan production of Bourgogne fruit liqueurs.