MAYCAS RVA ESP Pinot Noir 2014

Wine Region: Chile - Limari Valley

Grape: Pinot Noir

Tasting notes:The nose is fruity with red fruit such as strawberry, cheery and a hint of vanilla. This wine is medium body, dry with smooth tannins.


About the winery:

The Maycas range, based in Chile's Limarí Valley, is a super-premium project that was launched by Chilean giants Concha y Toro in 2005. In the Inca language, Quechua, Maycas means 'arable lands'. The Inca influence is also clearly visible in Maycas' labels, particularly in the use of the colour turquoise in their images: turquoise is found in the Limarí valley and was the stone of Incan royalty.

Chief winemaker Marcelo Papa - who has been working for Concha y Toro since 1998 - has been the driving force behind the project. Although the Limarí Valley was previously just a pisco and table-wine grape area, Marcelo saw the potential of the vineyards and persuaded Concha to invest. Unusually for Concha they also purchased a separate winery for the production the Maycas range.