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6 Classic Dishes You Want At Your Dinner Table This Christmas!

December 14, 2017 4 min read

This simple guide will take you through our handpicked top six classic main courses to feast on this Christmas, complete with an excellent wine pairing to spruce up your evenings.

Christmas Roast Duck



Packed with a burst of eclectic flavours from orange zest to nutmeg, this classic roast duck is undoubtedly the perfect main course to sate that huge Christmas appetite you have been saving up.  

Complete your Christmas dream with this delicious wine pairing of Pinot Nero delle Venezie IGT 2012 - Sartori. This works brilliantly with the flavours of the roast duck meat, unlocking an alluring bouquet of black-cherry jam, black pepper, cloves, and chocolate, accompanied by spice notes and vanilla.


 2. Smoked Salmon and Celeriac Dauphinoise



Kick-start your Christmas weekend with this unique dish blend of smoked salmon and traditional Swedish dish celeriac dauphinoise. If you haven’t heard of this concoction as yet, it’s about time you try it because the result is just divine! With every bite, the layers of smoked salmon, potato, and celeriac work up a tantalising mixture that is to die for- if this dish does not win you best host or hostess I don’t know what will.

Work this meal with a glass of bright red wine from a bottle of Domaine Maratray Chorey Les Beaune Les Bons Ores 2014. This wine is truly a treat, exciting your senses with aromas of red berries. Moderately tannic and more stylish than powerful, this wine draws out the flavours of this dish beautifully and will have you relish every sip. 


3. Asian Glazed Ham



You will have to fight to get everybody’s hands off this classic Christmas beauty, with an Asian twist. Juicy and sweet, this heavenly creation is served to please and sets the perfect mood for deep conversation with intimate family and friends. Taking this dish up a notch is a healthy blend of East Asian flavours of Chinese barbeque sauce and spicy powder that will power you through a long night filled with dazzling stories and lovely catch-ups.

Have a glass of Sven Nieger Riesling Varnhalter Klosterbergfelsen at the ready, because its high acidity and fruity taste balances the Chinese flavours perfectly. This is a Riesling with class, because its texture is so elegant and velvety. So sit back with a glass and let yourself be immersed in the feel-good sophisticated vibes that this drink emanates.   


 4. Roast Beef



Succulent and rich, this meaty delight will not disappoint. This meal is not complete without rosemary, lemon zest, garlic and anchovy fillets to add that extra flavourful punch to the beef’s seasoning of sea salt and black pepper. You may choose to add crème fraich, or marjoram sauce if you want a rich or citrusy finish. 

There’s no better match to this classic beef dish than with Vina Maipo Protegido Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, a delectable deep red wine that will impress with its good structure, elegant tannins and juicy punch. This Maipo Valley wine also carries rich fruit flavours, spices and some snuffs of chocolate, tantalizing the taste buds with every sip.



 5. Crown Roast of Pork and Apple Stuffing



For those of you who have yet to be acquainted with this dish, the Crown Roast of Pork is created by taking a bone in pork loin and forming it into a circle with the ribs pointed skyward. Don’t be daunted by its elaborate appearance, this dish is actually surprisingly easy to make! The pork is not just ridiculously delicious; its warm tenderness is that little something that you will always remember. What’s more- complementing this dish with the tender apple stuffing lined with cinnamon and nutmeg will be a dream come true for those of you with a sweet tooth. You’ll be licking your fingers even after you’re done.

Create a stellar wine pairing with Domaine Burle, Vacqueyras. This is a deep coloured wine that is full, delicate and complex, quickly unveiling notes of black cherry, preserved fruits and spiced nuances. The palate is robust, framed by a tannic structure that promises good aging potential but with a specific freshness, finesse and a pleasant finish. Great for enjoying right now or in the next ten years!



Fancy an all-vegetarian meal? This one is for you! Sumptuous, easy to make, and to top it off, healthy, this dish is all one can ask for. So take your attention off meat for a day, and give this vegetarian dish its well-deserved attention. You won’t be disappointed!

Pair this with a good dose of Newton Johnson Sauvignon Blanc, sourced from the Hemel-en-Aarde and Elgin valley that have been admired for their buoyant, fresh and aromatic white wines. With an additional 6% blend of oaked Semillon, the texture of this wine is broadened, combining a creamy sensation with the dryness and length of natural acidity.


And voila! This sums up our 6 handpicked dishes that we deem Christmas-worthy, paired with exceptionally tasting wine that will just add that much more cheer to your evenings.


So what are you waiting for? Place your orders here at to enjoy a good glass of wine with your favourite dish this Christmas!