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We know it can be hard to choose new wine to buy online without trying it first. What are the characteristics that makes you love a wine? Is it lightweight? Fruity? Buttery? You might think you have to be a knowledgable sommelier to be able to select a wine purely from looking at the bottle. Not anymore. We’ve created our own labelling system that classifies wine by taste. If you like a wine from a particular taste profile category, it’s highly likely that other wines within this category are also for you!

1. When It Comes To Wine, How Would You Describe Yourself?

Red! I never make pour decisions...

White... Isn't life grape?

Rose... Wine not?

Sparkling: Bubble trouble!

2. Fancy A Coffee?

Yes, strong & black!

Yeah but mild, with cream in it!

Why not, but half-coffee / half-sugar please!

Hell no!

3. Do You Like Citrus?

Definitely! The more mouth puckering the better!

Like it, don't love it.

I drink the occasional glass of Lemonade...

Yuk, not at all!

4. How Do You Feel About Salt?

Crazy about it! I put it on everything!

So-so.. but it bothers me when my food is under-salted!

I'm ok with the taste but I don't miss it when it's not on my food!

Not a fan of salty stuff!

5. Do You Like Earthy Flavors Like Mushrooms And Black-Truffles?

Oh yeah, bring on the fun-gi-iness!

Yeah, these flavors suit my palate...

As a secondary flavor but not over whelming!

Not really my thing...

6. What Do You Put On Your Toast In The Morning?

Blackberries & blueberries! I would even Eat 'em raw!

Cherry: I love you cherry much!

If everything is honey, and I am what I eat, I must be made of honey...

There's no diet list I'll follow that would rule out butter!

7. BBQ: What's your favourite seasoning for your meat and grilled vegetables?

Pepper! with an extra pinch of... Pepper!

Fresh herbs! It's nature's candy!

I'm a big BBQ-sauce person!

Nothing I'm a purist I let the ingredients shine...

8. What Is Your Favourite Smell?

The forest straight after rainfall...

A Cigar lounge...

Fruity perfume!

A field of flowers during Spring!

Congratulations you have successfully completed our virtual sommelier quiz.

Please refer to the chart below to select the wines you'll love according to your taste preferences. We can’t wait to hear from you how you find them!

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