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Know What You're Popping Before You Open The Next Bottle...

by Wine Family August 25, 2018

6 key facts and frequently asked questions about Champagne & sparkling wines.
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6 Cool Yet Useful Wine Hacks That Every Wine Drinker...

by Wine Family August 11, 2018

Learn about these useful wine hacks to enhance your drinking experience. 5 is our favourite!
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You'll Be Amazed By These Geography Fails!

by Wine Family July 20, 2018

We set up a simple challenge to win wine. All our contestants had to do was to point to the country where the wine was made. Sounds easy? Not for everyone!
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All You Need To Know About Shiraz

by Wine Family July 16, 2018

Shiraz produces wines of a diverse style, from easy-drinking, fresh style to the intense, full-bodied and highly concentrated styles. Discover the facts behind Shiraz here.
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If you're a brunch person, you wouldn't want to miss...

by Wine Family July 09, 2018

Latte is not the only beverage you can have during lunch. Learn which types of wines to pair which your favourite brunch food. To the egg lovers, YES we have something just for you!
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Debunking The Myth: Can A Silver Spoon Keep Champagne Bubbly?

by Wine Family July 04, 2018

Putting a spoon in a bottle of champagne is believed to help prolong the "bubbly-ness" of the champagne. Winefamily debunks this false belief and reveals the REAL science on prolonging champagne!
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Understanding Wines By The Characteristics of Their Varietals

by Wine Family July 03, 2018

Understanding what a grape should be as a wine is fundamental, and knowing what a grape can achieve at its greatest is the essence of fine-wine appreciation.
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Picking The Right Wine Glass & Keeping It Clean

by Wine Family July 01, 2018

From the purpose of the different types of glassware to the maintenance of glassware, this guide will answer all your doubts about wine glasses.
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7 Wines You Should Definitely Drink... When You Get The...

by Wine Family July 01, 2018

The internet seems to want to tell you to do everything "before you die". Global Bucket Lists are in crisis! So instead, I'm just going to share what wines you should try - when you get the chance.

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Hawker Food Pairing Series: Episode 4 (Satay & Valpolicella)

by Wine Family July 01, 2018

Our regular Hawker Food Pairing slot is up again! This week we grabbed some mouthwatering satay from Lavender Food Court with Valpolicella from Water & Wine
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All You Need To Know About Prosecco

by Wine Family June 30, 2018

Let's have a closer look at this crisp, refreshing and cost-friendly sparkling wine that has taken the world by storm; out fizzing Champagne significantly by 307m bottles in 2013.

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All You Need To Know About Sauvignon Blanc

by Wine Family June 24, 2018

Sauvignon Blanc is a white-wine grape from western France, now successfully grown in emerging and established wine regions all over the world. Learn more by reading the guide below!
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