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You'll Be Amazed By These Geography Fails!

July 20, 2018 1 min read

We set up a simple challenge to win wine. All our contestants had to do was to point to the country where the wine was made. Sounds easy? Not for everyone!

We love to get people drinking wine, so we thought of an easy challenge to give some away. We hit the streets of Singapore, specifically Singapore's nightlife hotspot Clarke Quay, to get some revelers to take on the challenge...

We know that a lot of people find wine a bit tricky, and at Winefamily we do our best to demystify wine and focus on the enjoyment of it.

However, if people do want to know a little bit about wine, it's certainly a good start to know where in the world the major winemaking countries are.

So that's where our idea for this little challenge came from. We gave away free wine to anyone who could simply point to the country in which it had been made, on a blank map. Sounds easy? You'd be surprised!

Check out the results!