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Chateau BEL AIR - MARQUIS D'ALIGRE Margaux 2005

Wine Region: Bordeaux

Grape: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot

Tasting notes: This wine is dense and velvety, very young, with a lot of potentials.

About the winery:
Château Bel Air Marquis d'Aligre (also known as BAMA) is a unique Bordeaux wine that stands out for its complexity and purity. The vines, some of which are pre-phylloxera, are considered precious by the 90-year-old winemaker, Jean-Pierre Boyer, who has made 72 vintages. The wine is made from a single blend of four main Medoc grapes, with varying percentages from vintage to vintage, and some other native grape varieties. The estate covers 13 hectares, but only 3 hectares are currently farmed by Mr. Boyer, who refuses to pull up any of the vines. The wine is made as it was done back in the 19th century, without following any trend, and is a genuine expression of terroir.