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JULIEN PILON Saint-Peray "Les Maisons De Victor" 2019

Wine Region: Rhone-Valley - France

Grape: Marsanne, Roussane

Tasting notes: The wine displays some acacia (some of the barrels are in acacia), honey and verbena accents and buried minerality through the finish. It shows a round feel (walnut, honey) but with a breezy, pure finish. Very harmonious, elegant and balanced.

About the winery:
Julien Pilon described himself as a landless winemaker when he started on his own in 2010. The Domaine is now a modest 5 hectares of vines, some owned, some rented, while the majority of the production is still sourced from purchased grapes. 80 percent of Julien's production is white wines. He strives to produce white wines with flesh but with maximum freshness too. He wants to make balanced and precise whites. And he quite succeeds at this as he is producing some of the most exciting Rhone whites - wines of genuine flair and class. The wines are very much in the image of the vigneron too understated, stylish and relying more on nuance than overt power. In just a few vintages, his whites are among the best in the region. We recommend you start tracking them down now, before word really gets out.