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CHENE BLEU Rose 2019

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Region: Rhone Valley - France

Grapes: Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, Mourvèdre

Tastings Notes: This is a rich and deep rosé. It has all the refreshment with bright acidity and tart fruit. It grips on the palate for a sec, then slips away. It smells like yogurt and peaches drizzled with honey and even a slight latté vibe.

About the Winery: Chêne Bleu is a range of red and white wines from the Vaucluse department near the border of the Rhone and Provence regions. They are are single-estate bottlings made largely outside the French appellation system, but based on classic Rhône grape varieties. The name Chêne Blue means "Blue Oak" and derives from an old oak tree that succumbed to the droughts of 2005. The trunk and branches have been painted in Bordeaux Mixture by the artist Marco Nucero, giving the tree a blue-green color.