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DARROZE Armagnac "Domaine de la Poste" 1975 - 70cl

Wine Region: Armagnac - France

Grape: Folle Blanche

Tasting notes: Yellow colour with golden tints. The nose is very fine, classic for an Armagnac produced in the Tenareze area. We feel some light and fine flavours like vanilla, linden, pear and dry fruits. We find this finesse again in the palate due to silky and delicate tannins. Some dry fruits aromas (almond, walnut) are finishing the bouquet.

About the winery:
As the son of acclaimed chef Jean Darroze, Francis had a natural inclination to the culinary arts and a taste for tradition and authenticity. He channelled this into a passioned search for quality individual estate Armagnacs, starting as a trader and producer of vintage Bas-Armagnacs in 1974. With the utmost respect for the spirit, alcohol levels are reduced through years of evaporation through ageing — never through dilution with water. Blending and colouring agents are also prohibited. And to prolong the ageing process, the Armagnac is only bottled when ordered. The business is now in the hands of Francis' son Marc, a trained oenologist.