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CLOS POGGIALE 2013 (White)

Region: Corsica - France

Grapes: Vermentino

Tastings Notes: With a brilliant light yellow color, this cuvée seduces with its aromatic intensity, mixing white fruits and citrus fruits (citron, mandarin) with bewitching notes of small wild flowers from the maquis, on a vibrant mineral base. The palate is fresh, balanced, lively and offers aromas that are both fruity and floral, as well as a very nice lingering finish.

About the Winery: Our wines are born in the heart of vines that have been able to grow from the banks of the Étang de Diana to the surrounding mountains: this is what gives them their strength and their unique character. This exceptional location allows the vineyard to capture the incredible luminosity of the Mediterranean sunshine while benefiting, at night, from the influence of the mountains. The contrasting effects of altitude and the Tyrrhenian Sea give our wines a subtlety and typicality that promise you an unprecedented sensory journey.