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Chateau DE LA DAUPHINE Fronsac 2013

Wine Region: Bordeaux - France

Grape: Merlot, Cabernet Franc

Tasting notes: This wine has a limpid colour with raspberry red tones. The nose is tangy with hints of red berries. On the palate, the tannins are lively, expressing a certain youth that will subside over time.

About the winery:
Built in the mid 18th century by a lawyer at the Parliament of Paris, the Labrune family purchased the domain in 2015. Continuing the previous owners' efforts undertaken over the past fifteen years, the Labrune family intends to pursue the same strategy of producing high-quality biodynamic wines that express the finesse of their terroir. The diverse soil types and their characteristics require meticulous care, with no room for approximations or easy choices. Over its 350 years, the property has gradually increased in size and now has 53 hectares of vines. It is one of the largest properties in the Libourne region.