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Chateau DE LA SELVE "Berty" 2019

Wine Region: Rhone-Valley - France

Grape: Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah

Tasting notes: Dark cherry-red colour, exceptional brilliance; very complex nose with spicy, leathery, and woody aromas. In the mouth: well structured with fine tannins and a fresh, long finish.

About the winery:
Built during the 13th Century, Chateau de la Selve is a fortified house, sitting on the ancient frontier between the Empire and the Kingdom of France. Since 1990, this magnificent property has been in the hands of Jean-Regis and Magdeleine Chazallon. Today, there are a total of 40 hectares in production, where six different grapes are planted. The untamed landscape, rare clay, and calcareous soils, combined with hot summer days and cool nights, offer a unique environment in which to work and make wine.