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CLOS TEDDI Patrimonio Grande Cuvee 2018 (Red)

Region: Provence & Corsica - France

Grapes: Nielluciu

Tastings Notes: Garnet red wine slightly vanilla, with an animal touch. Aging in barrels never masks the typicality of Niellucciu. Nice suppleness in the mouth, some spicy notes that give way to a stewed finish.

About the Winery: From Corsica to New York. After 22 years of hard work, Clos Teddi has established itself as an essential reference in the Patrimoniu appellation and in the Corsican vineyard. Each year, 120,000 bottles are produced to be tasted in Corsica, on the Continent but also in the best establishments in New York, Japan, Shanghai via... Wallis-et-Futuna, in a high- tech at the service of tradition (stainless steel vat room, barrel cellar, and more recently concrete vat room and sandstone jar, pneumatic press, reception by gravity, bottling, etc.).