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CORPS DE LOUP Cote-Rotie 2005 - Magnum 1.5L

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Region: Rhone - France

Grapes: Syrah

Tastings Notes: Deep purplish colour. Very open nose, spice, pepper and olive paste. Robust style, structured and nice balance. Leave a slightly animal aftertaste. 

About the Winery: The first written traces on the cultivation of vines in Corps de Loup date back to the year 827 . But it is only much later that the castle and its park will make their appearance on the hillside. Around 1670, Corps de Loup was not the building we know. The house was a building halfway between a large farm and a fortified castle. On November 28 of the year of grace 1695, there was a great commotion in Corps de Loup. They married Charlotte de Villars and the lucky one was no less than Jacques de Vogüé , lord of Gourdan.