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DELAMAIN Cognac "Pale & Dry XO" - 150cl with Gift Box

Wine Region: Cognac - France

Terroir: Grande Champagne

Tasting Notes: Intense bouquet with richly fragrant with fruity notes of ripe apricot and citrus, followed by vanilla "rancio", accompanied with further tantalizing intensity. Light and delicate on the palate, developing into fruit with a delectable, powdery dry finish.

About the Winery:
Established in 1824, James Delamain partnered with his father-in-law Jean-Isaac Ranson to create the James Delamain House, which continues to be operated by his descendants. This artisanal business, rooted in craftsmanship, meticulously matures and hand-bottles Grande Champagne Cognacs of various ages, exclusively sourced from the Premier Cru region of Cognac, reflecting an unwavering commitment to quality.

In 1920 Jacques and Robert Delamain created Pale & Dry. Exclusively crafted from eaux de vie from Cognac’s finest terroir Grande Champagne, Pale & Dry is aged and nurtured in well-seasoned oak casks in our storied cellars. It has been skillfully blended and patiently reduced to 42% abv to reach the purest expression of its noble terroir.