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Domaine de l'ECU "Classic" 2022

Wine Region: Loire-Valley - France

Grape: Melon of Burgundy

Tasting notes: Straw yellow, crystalline. Nose mixing smoky notes on a background of citrus and white flowers, fine notes of encaustic. The mouth is lurking, has a beautiful volume but also a tension and freshness that would not displease the fans of Muscadet.

About the winery:
Avant-gardist, the Domaine de l'Ecu is certified in organic agriculture since 1975 and biodynamic since 1998 (Demeter) on all of its 24 hectares. They are also certified by Biodyvin since 2014. The Domaine has renounced on all technological artifice in the cellar to break with the movement of standardization of wines and preserve the link uniting each of the Cuvees to a terroir and a vintage.
As such, they are proud to be part of the groups of winemakers in Biodynamic "Renaissance Appellations" and "Biodyvin" who both advocate respect for the terroir and this search for pure wine, without makeup or deception ...The vintages of the terroir are today present on the most beautiful tables of the world.