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Domaine HUET Vouvray "Le Clos du Bourg" Moelleux 1ere Trie 2006

Wine Region: Loire-Valley - France

Grape: Chenin Blanc

Tasting notes: The color is golden yellow, the wine is dense. The nose reveals sweet fragrances of exotic fruits, such as mango and pineapple. The attack is pure and nervous despite a high wealth. Gourmet, we find in the mouth notes of exotic fruits, including mango dancing with bitter almond. Gradually, power emerges in the mouth, we find the alliance of the trio - terroir, grape variety and vintage.

About the winery:
Domaine Huet founded in 1928 by Victor Huet and his son Gaston today has thirty hectares of Chenin planted on three plots: Haut-Lieu, Mont and Clos du Bourg. The estate was one of the precursors of the biodynamic culture in the French vineyard. This method of cultivation which respects the soil, the plant and the environment, allows to develop the character of our wines and top reserve the authenticity of the soils.