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Domaine HUGUENOT Fixin "Petits Crais" 2018


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Wine Region: Burgundy - France

Grape: Pinot Noir

Tasting notes:ÊIntense nose of fresh cherry. The palate is full of fruit, sunny, with superb balance and dense tannins.

About the winery:
A family of winegrowers from father to son for 10 generations. Going back to 1790 (French Revolution). The terroirs of the Domaine are a real gift of generations. The estate really grew when Jean-Louis and Eliane, both from a family of winemakers, took the reins in 1968. They have provided a titanic job to make this area this that it is today, and have also invested a lot in promoting the Marsannay appellation.
Since the '90s, they have become very aware of the importance of practising a culture that is more respectful of the environment. Thus from year to year, the work in the vineyards has evolved a lot. No more pesticides to start and more ploughing and interventions in the vineyards throughout the year. In 2013 they had their first CERTIFIED BIO vintage by ECOCERT.