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EDMOND FALLOT Moutarde en Grains Seau Plastic 5 kg

Size: 5 KG Plastic Pail

Description: Moutarde En Grains is a grainy mustard, a delicious gourmet seed style whole grain mustard in white wine. It is an exquisite blend of mustard seeds and several spices to merge into this dazzling condiment. It has been renowned by gourmets all over the world.

Made using traditional techniques of carefully selecting top-quality seeds, which are ground with stone grinder. This prevents seed damage thereby retaining their delightful flavors with a tart piquant taste.

It pairs excellently with a plethora of dishes and is a great accompaniment to meals. Have it on chicken, pork, fish, or mix in a sauce to enhance the natural tastes of food.

The Fallot Mustard house has preserved the knowledge of artisan mustard recipes and other products with high-performance industrial tools and know-how since 1840.