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PIANDACCOLI Tuscany IGT "Foglia Tonda" 2015

Region: Tuscany - Italy

Grapes: Foglia tonda

Tastings Notes: The color is slightly pale ruby ​​red which allows elegant purple reflections to emerge. The nose is of fresh, crunchy fruit, with a strong herbaceous scent and a hint of mineral. The acidic shoulder is important, but it does not detract from the elegance of a nectar in which a delicate note of strawberry and spices stands out on the palate.

About the Winery: 'Foglia Tonda' (Round Leaf) is the first phase of Piandaccoli's project on historic strains endemic to Tuscany. Wine is an extension of my passion for the Renaissance. I am unconditionally enchanted by this historically important period. The colorful elegant red/purple is often present in Renaissance paintings. Our roots go deep into the culture, development/freedom that this period embodies. There is a "fil rouge" that combines our wines with the wines consumed at that time.