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PIANDACCOLI Tuscany IGT "Pugnitello" 2015

Wine Region: Tuscany - Italy

Grape: Pugnitello

Tasting notes :Powerful wine, with a deep red colour, which comes from the past and surprise us with ancient fruity, balsamic and mineral fragrances and a remarkably well balanced acid shoulder. 

About the winery: According to 17th-century philosopher Giambattista Vico, human history does not consist of steady progress from lower to higher forms of civilization, but rather in a series of cycles and appeals. A concept that can be easily applied to the recent history of Italian wine. After a phase, approximately from 1985 to 2005, of “internationalization”, in the sense of an almost obsessive use of new French oak barrels and abundant presence of French grapes in wines, the last twelve years have seen an important countertendency. The key word is now ” autochthonous “: the rediscovery and revaluation of native vines , in the name of safeguarding the bio-diversity of our lands.