Debunking The Myth: Can A Silver Spoon Keep Champagne Bubbly?

July 04, 2018

Putting a spoon in a bottle of champagne is believed to help prolong the "bubbly-ness" of the champagne. Winefamily debunks this false belief and reveals the REAL science on prolonging champagne!

Rumour: Putting a metal spoon into a champagne bottle helps to prolong the gassiness.
Answer: MYTH!
Putting a metal spoon into the champagne bottle does not keep it bubbly. In fact, leaving it in the open and untreated worked better than hanging a spoon inside. Stanford University chemist Richard Zare, who undertook an experiment in 1994 to find out if of the spoon really had a preservative effect on champagnes.
For the experiment, Zare and his team uncorked several bottles of bubbly and refrigerated them for 26 hours under different preservation methods—including some with spoons and some without. After that, they sampled and scored the sparkling wines in a blind test. In the end, they concluded that there was no difference between those that had a spoon hanging in it and those without.
In addition, to quote chemist Hervé in his research book Molecular Gastronomy, “The pressure in bottles opened and left open or in bottles opened and left open with a spoon decreased in the same way—whereas a stopper or cork prevented the gas escape,”
A Better Method of Keeping Champagne Fresh
Keep the bottle cold. 
The science behind it: "In many liquids, including water, carbon dioxide is more soluble at low temperature so cold liquids better retain their dissolved gas"
That's one myth debunked!
Click here to view the full article by Richard Zare.