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If you're a brunch person, you wouldn't want to miss this article!

July 09, 2018 2 min read

Latte is not the only beverage you can have during lunch. Learn which types of wines to pair which your favourite brunch food. To the egg lovers, YES we have something just for you!

Omelettes, Frittatas and other egg dishes


Wine to pick: Riesling

When it comes to eggy dishes, it is always challenging when it comes to wine to pair as eggs have an unusual taste. A bottle of slightly sweet and round Riesling will complement the eggy taste and texture as well as a good pair for the baby tomatoes, spinaches and asparagus that comes as side dishes.


Cheese Cake, Muffins, French Croissants & Layered Cake


Wine to pick: Champagne & Sparkling Wine

A good bottle of champagne or sparkling wine usually contains biscuit dough notes and some also have a yeasty flavour which pairs well with buttery pastries and bread. The lightness and the bubbles do keep the meal light and refreshing!






Wine to pick: Moscato

While it is a norm to pair light to medium bodied reds with pork, this unusual pairing will surprise your palate in an exciting way! It's just like pairing black coffee with fried dough fritter or commonly known as "You Tiao". The smoky and peppery flavours from the sausages go well with the light fruity flavours -white apricot/peach notes of a Moscato. Moscato helps to wash and refresh the palate from the fattiness and greasiness from the sausages.




Wine to pick: Prosecco


The thing about pancakes is that the toppings that usually come with it, bananas, berries or maple syrup tends to be sweet and heavy. In that case, you should stick to the classic pairing of having a sweet wine when you have something sweet and you wouldn't go wrong. The fruity notes from the Prosecco will alleviate the taste of the toppings and the pancakes even further yet not to the extent of being "jelat" (Singaporean slang to describe the feeling when you're sick of eating something after having too much of it)