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Hawker Food Pairing Series: Episode 4 (Satay & Valpolicella)

July 01, 2018 1 min read

Our regular Hawker Food Pairing slot is up again! This week we grabbed some mouthwatering satay from Lavender Food Court with Valpolicella from Water & Wine

Last week, the Winefamily team decided to bring the Valpolicella, a youthful medium-bodied red wine out to Lavender Food Court to see if it was up to the challenge of matching some heavy local treats including savoury beef satays, fried dumplings and a bowl of flavourful sweet & spicy soup. 
In the end, we were unanimous with Paul's recommendation as the Valpolicella which was considerably easy to drink, complemented the strong flavours from the food really well. 
Overall, we give it a 4/5 stars!
Don't take our words for it, check out the pictures below & give it a try yourself!