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Picking The Right Wine Glass & Keeping It Clean

July 01, 2018 2 min read

From the purpose of the different types of glassware to the maintenance of glassware, this guide will answer all your doubts about wine glasses.

Are you guilty of using the same glassware for all your wines? Understand the purpose for each type of wine glass and never make the same mistake again!
The various shapes and sizes of wine glasses are designed to highlight the different characteristics of the different wines. By using the correct glass, it will help to enhance the characteristics of the wines and provide a better drinking experience.
Sparkling Wines
Sparkling wines are best served in flute glasses. This shape enhances the effect of the bubbles which in turn boosts the wine's aroma, allowing them to travel through a larger volume of the wine before bursting at the top.
Fortified wines should be served in small glasses to draw attention to the fruit characteristics instead of the alcohol. That said, the glass should be sufficiently large enough to allow swirling and nosing.
White & Rosé Wines
White & rosé wines would be best drank using medium-sized glasses so that the fresh, fruit characteristics are accumulated and directed towards the top of the glass.
Red Wines
Red wines are ideally served in large sized glasses. The larger interior surface area allows more air to come into contact with more red wine so as to better develop the aromas and flavours.
Now that you understood how to better taste wines with the right type of glassware, knowing how to clean and maintain your wine glasses is just as important. A contaminated wine glass would ruin the aromas and flavours of the wines!

We hope you have benefitted from the guide above. Feel free to share any tips you might have regarding maintaining glassware. Cheers!